Liztek Design Portable Bluetooth speaker for traveler

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone is a powerful device in the segment. Available at a very reasonable price, the device allows user to attend calls as well. 10 watts sound output is impressive and sufficient to fill in the room completely. The device gives good battery backup and allows definite portability.

Bluetooth technology has added comfort to many facets of our life. Almost all the gadgets these days are Bluetooth enabled and give us the comfort of living wireless. Similarly the trend has touched the music industry as well and the music lovers are loving the new technology as this allows them to connect across devices and transfer files at ease.

Bluetooth speakers industry has also witnessed a big boom recently and you can buy Bluetooth speakers in a wide spectrum of prices. Liztek has been a trustworthy and reliable brand for electronic goods and has put forth Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone. The device is simply a small wonder. Powered by built in Li ion battery, the device gets completely charged within four hours. It’s impressive battery gives a battery backup up to ten hours.

The Bluetooth Speaker has got two 40 mm drivers which give a sound output of ten watts. The sound quality is impressive and fills in the complete room. The device gets easily connected across the platforms and does not require a password for pairing each time. The range of the wireless connectivity is up to 33 ft which adds to the comfort. Adding to the convenience, there are switches on the product for volume, play-pause and also to attend calls. Also, the device can be connected using a standard 3.5 mm jack which allows even non Bluetooth devices to be connected.

The Bluetooth Speaker is available in various color options on Amazon and Walmart marketplace in the USA and can easily be ordered with just few clicks. The pricing is very competitive especially for the quality one is getting. All this comes with Liztek’s 100 money back guarantee. So why wait now, order this product now and indulge yourself in to the joy of wireless music listening.

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