Liztek is the best USB Charging Hub for Apple and Android devices

Liztek USB charging Hub with Charging Port comes with the VL812 Controller chipset for full hub optimization. Its support upto 5gbps transfer speed. USB 3.0 transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. Also for the safety point of view it has built-in Voltage control Unit and Short-Circuit protection Unit. It has diffrent USB port, which we can use for accessing and charging Desktop, Laptop, Macbooks, Tablets etc.

Now a days in current technological time, everyone is dependent on smart phone, laptop and other gadgets. And we need to charge those devices for regular use. For this problem Liztek USB charging Hub is the best option, because we can charge different devices at the same time. So we don’t need to keep different chargers for the different gadgets. Also by connecting our Laptop or desktop in this Hub, we can easily access all the connected devices easily sitting at a single place through this awesome Usb Hub. This Usb Hub is very reliable and easy to use. Only we need to add those devices to the Hub through the USB cable. And we can charge our gadget easily. Generally other Usb Hub don’t support Apple and Android both, but it is fully compatible with all the Android and Apple devices. Also generally today’s moving world, we need to keep such a device always with us. So for this situation also this device is completely suitable, because this is a pretty decent little hub, and its small size allow us to carry it any where we want. 
• We can easily Connect different USB devices. Its allow us to charge our different devices at the same time as well transfer the data upto the speed of 5GBPS. And also all the Ports indicate with the diffrent LED lights. 
• This is fully reliable as well as awesome Hub controlling power. . 
• Also it comes with the Guaranteed Safety UL certified design, industry grade materials and premium circuitry ensure superior performance. 
• You Get: Liztek 4-Port USB Hub with 1 Charger port, USB 3.0 data cable, power adapter cable, user’s manual, plus our no-hassle 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.