Liztek Launches Best Quality Of Multi Display USB To HDMI Graphics Adapter Card

The device can connect six monitors to the users PC, it has DVI-I although it comes along VGA and HDMI adapter and has got an integrated chipset of DL-3500 giving high resolution videos.

There has been an intense elevation in growth of technology, everyday a new device is launched in market having one or more unique features. One of the most common device used by a major part of population is desktop and laptop, the devices are used by all age groups facilitating the user, ease and convenience of doing their work. In certain, instances the user requires different peripherals to plug in there laptop or PC, one of them is ‘Graphic Adapter Card’ enabling your computer to exhibit better quality images and videos. In this era of video games where everything looks so real in the game such graphic adaptor card is a must to get those life-like images. Liztek stands among the elite brands manufacturing a large array of devices and has recently launched Multi Display USB to HDMI Graphics Adapter Card. It’s not been much time to the launch of the card, yet it has get tremendous response and is appreciated by tech experts for being a feature rich and smooth functioning device.

The Graphics Adapter Card can connect upto six monitors to your windows PC, however, one adapter required for per monitor and connects to your PC through USB 2.0. It’s an easy to use device, user just needs to plug and play and has also got extensible USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity. It has got DVI-I supported by a large variety of monitors yet the device comes along HDMI and VGA adapters. It has got a display link chipset DL-3500 supports images and videos of high resolution upto 2048 x 1152 and upto 1920 x 1080 with analogue VGA. The device is adept for Windows 8 users and does not have any drives or disk support for Mac and Linux operating system.

It’s an adept Graphics Adapter Card for windows users and is in demand by several academic institutes and business organisations. Now the device is also made available on Amazon & Walmart, making it facile to get the device.

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