Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit is Best Device for Chronic Pain Relief

The device has got, six auto modes, adjustable speed, LCD screen, very easy to use, lite and compact and FDA approved.

It’s been observed in a survey that people not only in age group of 60s suffer from chronic aches and pains but even the major part of young generation under the group of 25 to 40 goes through several aches and muscle soreness. The reason of having muscular pain in such a young age is their hectic lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and mental and physical stress, making their body weak day by day.

To get relief from such chronic muscular pain, people often go to the expensive spas and physiotherapist’s clinic but often they could not complete these therapies due to lack of time, expensive bills, etc. Santamedical, one of the renowned company in health and care industry has come up with its solution by introducing Santamedical LFM-110 Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit which can be easily used at your own convenience and its efficacy in chronic muscular pain is very much evident hence below are few of its features making it an adept device:-

• Six Auto Modes: The device has got six different modes so that one can choose the massage according to the pain and the body part. It’s massage have effectively treated muscle soreness, chronic pain, stress and stiffness.

• Adjustable Speed: It has got tabs on the remote control to increase and decrease the intensity of the massage. In body parts such as back, thigh, shoulders, etc high intensity massage can go well but the body parts like neck and wrist might need little smooth massage.

• LCD Screen: Apart from different tabs, the remote control also has a bright LCD screen on it displaying the mode, massage speed and few other attributes.

• Portable: The Tens Unit is highly portable it’s very lite and compact, runs on four AAA batteries allowing you to use it anywhere you want.

• Complete Set: It boxes four 2mm pin connector attachment pads and batteries for immediate use.

It’s a very easy to use Tens Unit, approved by FDA and it’s factory is certified ISO-9001, so don’t suffer from any sort pain, just hop on Walmart, order your Santamedical LFM-110 Pain Relief Device and get relief in your aches and pain.

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