Santamedical Launch Otoscope On Walmart On December First Week

Santamedical professional Otoscope with leather case comes with a rotating swivel lens made up of glass, a bright 3.2 V halogen lamp and three specula. The device is two C batteries operated and gives a clear illumination to the ear drum.

The professional quality device is already available on Amazon and is being launched on Walmart as well. With the increasing vogue of online shopping all the major brands have made their products available on these online portals. This latest trend of shopping is facile and beneficial for both the buyers & sellers. The same trend has affected the medical professionals as well and more and more medical use products are being sold online.

Professional Otoscope

Santamedical has made available its professional otoscope with zippered leather case on Amazon and it’s being launched on Walmart as well in December first week. The product is state of art with high built quality and meets professional standards. The chrome brass built quality makes it durable. The Luer-Lock design which holds the head on the handle adds to the sturdiness of the product.

The 5x magnification lens is made up of high quality glass which is specially coated to make it scratch resistant. The lens attaches itself with the main piece with a swivel which makes the handling and cleaning easy. The high intensity 3.2 volt halogen bulb is the main USP of the device and gives a bright illumination and good visualization of the tympanic membrane. The device comes with 3 specula and also compatible with disposable specula making it ideal for clinical practice. The device is also compatible with an insufflations bag and is provided with a metallic outlet for the same. The device is powered by 2 “C” alkaline batteries which give good battery life and are easily user replaceable.

The high fidelity device is ideal for professional use and gives the user a premium feel. The overall experience with this otoscope is simply awesome and it adds to your overall clinical outlook.

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