Santamedical Launches Multi Function Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Easy to use device, measure the body temperature with coming in contact of body prevents transmission of germs. Perfect for infants and critical patients.
 Thermometer is one of the essential medical equipment, nowadays it’s not limited to hospitals only but has made its way to the household medical kit. Main objective of a thermometer is to measure the body temperature, also used in diagnosing of many diseases.

The device has come a long way, initially mercury thermometers were available which were quite difficult to read and were health hazardous then came the digital thermometer making it quite easy to read the temperature on just a single click of a button and were comparatively safer than its predecessor but still had some lacking such as if not cleaned properly it was prone to transfer germs from one person to another. However, the growth of technology has advanced the equipment and developed an infrared thermometer, that can measure the body temperature without coming in contact of the body. 
 Santamedical is a renowned brand in health care segment and is known for its advanced and quality Infrared Thermometer having millions of happy customers all over the world. Recently, the brand has come up with its multifunction non-contact infrared thermometer winning heart of its users. It’s an ingenious device, measuring the temperature without coming in contact of the body thus preventing any transfer of germs and bacterias from one person to another. It’s a small handheld device, looks like a toy gun, it has to be kept before forehand or tear duct with distance of 1" to 4", press the button and the temperature will be shown on the LCD screen given on the device. 
 It’s a wonderful device, saving many lives by preventing transmission of germs from one person to another. Having storage space, the device features to store up to 32 readings, helpful for any future reference. It’s a battery operated Infrared thermometer and is simple to use, adept instrument for taking temperature of infants, patients in critical condition and can also measure the temperature when the patient is sleeping. To know more about the device or to make a purchase log on to Amazon and Walmart.

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