Santamedical Non Contact forehead Infrared Thermometer reviews

Professional clinical Large LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is made to avoid any contact with the patient and even measure accurate temperature.

The marketing manager said, “The Santamedical Non-Contact Forehead Infrared thermometer is specially designed to avoid any contact with the patient while measuring the temperature with incredible accuracy. The temperature offers a guidance system that is intuitive, and it shows the readings in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius format. We are receiving the best reviews of the product and expect the sale to elevate shortly.”

There are some unique features of the infrared thermometer –

  1. The thermometer has an audio alarm for measuring the high temperature.
  2. The product can measure as much as 32 readings of the temperature.
  3. The thermometer is made to ensure that it consumes the least energy possible and works as 100, 000 readings on 2 AA batteries.
  4. The thermometer can measure the accurate temperature readings from the surface of the areas such as the tear ducts or the foreheads.
  5. The temperature readings are displayed in a matter of a couple of seconds with 0.3 degrees of accuracy.
  6. The readings will be presented quickly even in the total darkness, because of its huge LCD back-lit screen.
  7. As the thermometer comes in no physical contact with the patient while measuring the temperature, it becomes easy and safe to measure the temperature of the next patients soon after. The Infrared Thermometer spares the hassle of changing the tip or disinfecting it.
  8. The Infrared Thermometer was designed for detecting the temperature of the forehead.
  9. The thermometer features the specialty of changing the forehead temperature to that of the internal which is crucial for any human being.
  10. The Infrared thermometer works well to measure the temperature and will not disturb even the sleeping patient or a baby.
  11. This product is perfect for detecting the temperature for people infected with H1N1 swine flu fever and its symptoms.
  12. The design is resistant to water and has a rugged design.
  13. In its lifetime, the product can take about 3, 000, 000 readings.
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