Santamedical RY-220 Infrared Thermometer Now Available On Amazon

RY-220 Infrared Thermometer prevents transferring of germs, records up to 32 readings and is ideal for infants and critical patients are now available on Amazon.

The thermometer has come a long way since it’s uprooting, initially mercury thermometers were used which was bitten difficult to comprehend the level of temperature, then came digital thermometer which is comparatively very easy to use and now there is infrared thermometer which has transformed the way we measure body temperature.
Santamedical is a renowned label in the healthcare industry and with its class apart products it has made its special place in this segment. The brand has a vast product line, including infrared thermometer which is one of the most recommended thermometers by various healthcare institutes of America. The USP of the infrared thermometer is its competency to measure body temperature without coming in contact with body, preventing transferring of germs from person to another. Considering the increasing demand of the device, Santamedical has now brought it to e-commerce platform by making it available on Amazon. By bringing the device on the online platform, it has made easy for potential buyers to make the purchase. In such short duration, the brand has earned tremendous response from users and below is the list of features making it so dexterous:-
• Prevents Transferring Of Germs: User simply needs to hold the device with a distance of 1–2 inches from the forehead and then within a blink of an eye the readings will be displayed in LCD screen given on the device. The screen has a backlight and big fonts making it easy to read the results even in dark.
• Records Up to 32 Readings: The infrared thermometer has got a storage space and can record up to 32 readings they can be used for future reference and is very beneficial when using it for multiple patients.
• Adjustable Alarm: It has got an alarm feature that buzzes up when the temperature is on the higher side and the volume of that alarm could be easily adjusted.
• Portable: The device is compact and light in weight making it easy to carry and travel-friendly.
• Energy Efficient: The device works on two AA batteries, giving up to 100,000 readings on per set of batteries.
• Ideal For Infants And Critical Patients: With this infrared thermometer, a user does not need to bother patient as it can be used even when they are sleeping making it ideal for infants and critical patients.