Santamedical SM-150 Pulse Oximeter Is Now Available Multi Color

The device is easy to use, gives accurate reading, noninvasive in nature, portable, apt for multiple users and it’s available in three different colors: blue, green and orange.

Pulse oximeter devices are very common theses days, they are used to monitor SpO2 (oxygen saturation level) and pulse rate. It’s a handheld device and noninvasive in nature, it’s placed on a thin part of the body such as earlobe or fingertip, passing two wavelengths of light into the body and then measures the absorption of each wavelength helping the device to determine the absorbance due to arterial blood alone. 
Market has thousands of brands selling pulse oximeter however the buyer should select the device carefully by checking by scrutinising whether the device is certified and is coming from a trusted brand. One such device standing on both the parameters is Santamedical SM-150 Pulse Oximeter, also one of the most preferred pulse oximeter in elite hospitals of USA. The brand has made the device available in three different colors: green, blue and orange making the device look more enticing. Now even if you are thinking to gift it to your dear ones, you have an option to select the device as per their favourite color. Below are the features of the device in aid to comprehend it:-
• Easy To Use: The user have to glide his / her finger in the given hinge and within few seconds the readings of your SpO2 level and pulse rate will be shown on the LCD screen given on it. 
• Accurate Readings: The readings displayed are highly accurate as the device is tested several times before launching in the market and is approved by FDA to ensure the accuracy and quality of the Pulse Oximeter.
• Portable: It’s a very small Pulse Oximeter, can be facilely carried even in your pocket and the weight is also lite allowing the users to keep the device with them 24 x 7.
• Apt For Multiple Users: The Pulse Oximeter is highly safe to use on multiple users as it’s noninvasive in nature preventing the transferring of germs from one user to another making it one of the most preferred oximeter.
The device is available on Amazon & Walmart with all the three color options.

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