Steps vs Leaps

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly six years now. I’ve started two, what I would consider, successful companies and also attempted many, what I would consider, failed projects. Each half-attempted project or small business tweak feels like a little step forward. But as I look toward 2015 I can’t get this thought out of my head — no more steps. It’s time for leaps.

As humans we’re wired to calculate risk. We determine the pros/cons of situations and then work to minimize risk as much as possible. Because of this approach we often only take steps of progress. In business this may be signing one new client or hiring a part-time employee. In life it could be running a 5K or reading a couple books. I’m here to push you to no longer take steps. Take leaps.

Think big picture.

Think life altering.

Think scary and audacious.

Think impacting the world.

This year you can take steps or leaps. Steps are nice, but leaps change the world.

Allowing yourself to take leaps will get you much further in life. Instead of one new client think a whole new market. Instead of a 5K how about a marathon. Leaps must be targeted at the things you want in life, but they must be big. Heck, if the worst case scenario happens when you take a leap it will still result in at least a handful of steps.

Are you ready?

Three, two, one… LEAP!