The 23 books I read in 2015

I recorded all the books I read last year in the Notes app on my phone. My goal was to read 24 books in 2015 and on January 1st, 2016 I told myself I completed that goal. Good thing I wrote them all down because once I actually added them up, it turns out I read 23. Oops!

No worries, 23 books is a personal record for me and I’ve decided to increase the goal by 15% and try to read 27 books in 2016. ✔

The Big Win

The big win in my 2015 reading habits was Audible. Of the 23 books below I listened to 15 of them and read hard copies or Kindle versions of eight. I ran my first marathon in October 2015, so I spent many hours over the summer and early fall doing long runs. I listened to audiobooks on these long runs which not only helped pass the time but made me feel extremely productive by exercising and reading simultaneously. 💯

By far the coolest cover of all the books I read this year — The Martian.

The 23 Books

*The books with asterisks are ones I listened to on Audible

Have you read any of these books? Thoughts or opinions on the list above?

If you have recommendations of what I should read in 2016 please leave a note below. I’ll post my list and update as 2016 goes on.