Albany, We’re Ready for Our Close-Up

I’m regularly stunned by the reckless driving I see everywhere in this city, including around schools. It’s been eye-opening walking my 4-year-old to school in the West 110s of Manhattan each day. Turning cars regularly try to bully or rush their way through intersections we’re crossing with the light.

I’ll add that my boy has 100% obedience to walk/don’t walk signals, but there is no way we can let him cross streets on his own because the “walk” signal doesn’t protect against turning cars. We’re crossing with the light, and some drivers think since they have a green to go straight, they have right of way to turn over pedestrians in a crosswalk, or at least nudge up to them so they hurry along.

It’s nuts.

I walk through a number of intersections each day (111th and Frederick Douglass, 110th and Morningside Avenue, 110th and Morningside Drive, and 54th and 55th and Sixth where turning drivers fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks dozens of times each hour during rush hours. And that’s just in my own commute. I assume it’s like that citywide.

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