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Slavery, Bacon, Gays and Jesus

One of the things that has always bothered me about the Bible is the flexibility of the social codes. So many Christians are willing to tout the infallibility of the text and yet claim some of the more unsavory aspects are no longer applicable.

Jesus didn’t have a problem with slavery. (More often than not, the Bible referred to them as…

How to Fix Congress: Proportional Vote

Winner-take-all has created a lot of losers

One of the most uttered complaints among voters is the lack of a third party…

Are you a Dexter or a Heisenberg

Goal Oriented vs. Process Oriented

Since I’ve become a father I haven’t had much time to sit in front of the silver screen like I…

Alcohol vs. Marijuana: which causes more crime?

A former courts reporter shares experiences about the two drugs

Although no one tells me, I’m positive everyone gets annoyed when I start a comment off with “I used to be a newspaper reporter and I…”

I apologize in advance but the thing is, journalists see things in this world that most…

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Does Parenting Make You Evil?

Normal people can turn to the dark side when it comes to their kids

I was 8. It was my turn at the plate. I was a scrawny right fielder who only got to play two innings a game, which was the minimum required by Little League rules at the time.

But here it was, the bottom of the fifth inning, the last inning…

The Angry White People’s War

Debt ceiling/shutdown fight reveals Tea Party’s darker goals

They’re so angry.

Watching the shutdown and debt ceiling fight unfold it seems to me that the hardest of the hardcore Tea Party members are getting white hot, more so than usual. One of two things is about to happen, either they’re not going to get what…

Majority Hostage

or How the Tea Party holds influence in the House despite dwindling influence with voters

I always like to start off with numbers.

Percentage of voters who opted for President Obama in November – 53 percent

Percentage of voters who identify themselves as Tea Party in January – 8 percent.

The Six Year War

Democrats facing uphill battle to win House

You hear an unending torrent of complaints about Congress these days. Most of it is centered around inaction, obstinance and an unwillingness to go against a faction of radicals.

It’s the voters’ fault though. Despite the fact that Congress has a 19-percent approval rating, 90 percent of…

The Right Birth

Why home births make no sense

I know that I’m not a woman and there are things about pregnancy and birth I will never get. But, honestly, why does any woman think it’s a good thing to give birth to a child in a home?

I keep hearing that it’s about the “birthing experience.” Some women feel that hospitals are too impersonal and the…

Walter White is a Republican

7 reasons why the meth king would back the GOP

Breaking Bad fans are eating up the last episodes of their beloved show and its…

Race: We’re Just Not There Yet

It’s always sad when the Daily Show has to use humor to point out a huge problem in our society that the media is incapable of reporting.

Yes, we still have a huge problem with race in this country and no, the problem doesn’t just exist merely because we are saying it’s a problem.