How To Place A Bet On BlockOdds

John Sterlacci
Feb 3, 2018 · 3 min read

BlockOdds is an betting site build on Ethereum instead of placing bets on pre-determined lines against the house, BlockOdds allows users to create their own bets with custom spreads, and have other users counter bet them. Its an interesting way to bet, although it might be strange to anyone who is accustomed to traditional betting sites.

The hardest part is setting up MetaMask, then the rest is deceptively simple. If you already have a MetaMask account skip to the end

First head over to MetaMask

Click get chrome extension then add to chrome

Setting Up MetaMask

Now you have an Ethereum account, you can copy your wallet address to send ETH in, or you can buy ETH though metamask with a credit card.

Head over to BlockOdds and if your Meta Mask is set up correctly you should see your Ethereum hash under Current User and the Open New Bet model should now be available.

Creating A Bet

Hit submit and your bet should load for a couple minutes depending on how fast the Ethereum network is running.

Once the bet is uploaded to the contract, the counter-bet will appear in the main feed.

Your bet will sit until the counter-bet is accept by another user, or until the game is over. You can withdraw your bet at anytime until someone accepts.

Accepting a bet

Once the Bet is accepted the bet will be locked In Progress until the end of the game where it can bet collected.

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