Stressful Stages Involved In Moving

Moving to the new house is so stressful that you should feel great relaxation after moving. According to a recent study, the stress that caused by moving has been found surpassing divorce and getting a new job.

Nevertheless, the process can be made easier by following some simple steps. For this purpose, we are going to briefly illustrate the stages involved in moving.

Preparation before moving

At this stage, people usually think that they have lots of time left until when they should start worrying about making preparations. This is one of the bigger mistakes one can make.

According to Julie Marie McDonough who is a real estate broker, “Some new homeowners also forget to notify their employer and their medical insurance company of their new address. These can have a significant impact if you receive prescriptions by mail, paychecks, W-2s or tax information sent to your home, which many of us do.

Furthermore, if you are not planning for a DIY move, it is essential to hire a register moving company, which is itself a worrying task, ahead of time.


Packing process can be smart and easy if you organize it well. Packing everything can be unwise when you are not sure whether the majority of items will be of any use at the new place. The best practice is to sell what you are not going to use at the new place. There are many benefits of selling the items before moving. You get reduced luggage that will be less hectic and more effective while moving. The money you get after selling will reduce the stress while you will be out to purchase the new items at new place.

Another major aspect of packing is to acquire the boxes. Cheap moving boxes can be purchased from many resources. Nevertheless, if you are going to reuse the boxes you already have, make sure that they are sturdy enough to bear the harshness that usually comes in the way of moving.

Panicking short duration right before moving

Packing every household item before moving and ignoring necessary personal items like passports, IDs, mobile phone charger etc. is a common practice. So, pack those items in your personal bag before everything. The major benefit of this packing is that you will not leave these items even in the most stressful hours of moving. Another benefit is that you will be able to access these items easily.

The moving day

The moving day is a big day; but panicking can make it a bad big day. Be calm and supervise the loading process. And don’t forget to keep extra cash with you. With this cash, you will be able to pay the movers the tip without looking at other family members for cash.

After moving

So, you have reached the new place along with all your items. The quick thing you should do is to check the furniture and other breakables and see whether or not they are damaged. If there is any damage, take its picture and send those pictures immediately to the moving company in order to initiate a claim.