I Did NOT Call For An Alliance With White Nationalists, You Fucking Idiots
Caitlin Johnstone

I prefaced my reposting of your rebuttal on my facebook timeline with the following note: The angst of being an honest independent critic defamed by lazy and cowardly know it alls. Trump is a symptom in the process of becoming a cause BECAUSE we the people won’t accept our role in the process of stoking political erections. 
We misuse the freedom of the purse and blame others and label others this and no matter how wisely (Noam Chomsky, Trey Gowdy, Nafeez Ahmed, et al) or highly dubiously (Bannon, Trump, Bush, Blair, Obama, May, Netanyahoo et al) they argue their causes. We don’t have to agree with them on all or anything, but they deserve some credit for sticking their necks out to try to change or prevent changes to the status quo things according to their beliefs. It is the intellectual and emotional poverty of the masses (us) that lets tyrants rule and seeks to blame others when things go wrong when we have actually done nothing to prevent destructive consequences nor participate in striving to improve through sane dialogue
rather than insanely destroy living beings that we are told threaten OUR lives and nationalistic apartheid. Read Caitlin and be real. Serious dialogue, not bullshit and posturing is what’s needed. Intellectual cowards be warned: you will have to do some original research and think for yourselves. There is no quick blame fix and you will need some time in front of the mirror to check whose words come out of your mouth!

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