Personal absence — we need real presence!

How present are you, to yourself even? Reading this makes you and I present to one another though we’ve probably never met. Maybe you’ve been caught with a heart tug by my key words ‘personal’, ‘real’, ‘presence’.

If you’re still reading we’re in this conversation for ‘real’, beginning to be ‘present’ to one another and in a ‘personal’ way. Deep down we know there’s little to beat personal presence. Through it your enthusiasms and sympathies get married to mine.

The ideas flowing in our heads distract us so sometimes people around us might as well be absent from us. When we’re really present to ourselves, not thinking overmuch about what’s to be the next thing in our lives, we’re in a place to give ear to others and build relationship.

A lot of folk are into meditation as a way of achieving this and I’m one of them. I’ve come to learn the significance of the 15 inch journey down from head to heart and value age old means of attaining this like the Jesus Prayer.

When it comes to personal presence we can’t give what we don’t possess. If we’re at ease with and present to ourselves we’re in a position to be really present to others — and surely the world needs that of us more than anything else?