By John W. Vander Velden

It seems that each of us look no deeper than the surface. That we notice the “skin” but never consider the essence within. It is like when we see a beautiful lake. We stand in awe of the sparkling water as it lies before us, unaware of the worlds that are so near but out of sight. We feel content…even overjoyed at the rippling wavelets sparkling beneath the sky and give no thought to all the fish, frogs, and all the life unseen within universes invisible to us. What is worse we are content with the “skins” we observe. But things are much more than surface “skins”, and everyone is much more than they appear.

Too easy we take first impressions and outside appearances to form our understanding of someone. Too easy we allow past situations to define future possibilities. We see only “skins” and believe there is nothing more. But would we want to be forever condemned by our own history. No! For just as a house is more than the shade of paint smeared on its surface, each person is so much more than “skin”. Shouldn’t we remember that everyone has much in common? That each, though unique, share many of the same wants and desires. Do not each of us have dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future? Do we not love our children? Have we not concerns for our health and community? Can we not laugh…and cry? If any are pricked will they not bleed? For the world is filled with…people…all different…yet the same.

Should we not look deeper? See beneath the surface. For isn’t the surface…just that…the surface. Should we not take the time to see deeper? Take time to understand, to be open, really open to a world beneath, be it situations, organizations, but especially people. Let us take the effort to try to understand…to see deeper than “skins”.

(321 Words) 8–2–2016

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