The World Reawakened

By John W. Vander Velden

The snow, the blowing and drifting snow, the pristine pure white that melted into gray mushy snow, has become a memory, another winter in my past. The world about me is changing. Yesterday’s rain has left its traces. The dreary gray clouds blown aside as the sun shines down from a sapphire sky, filling the tiny drops that yet remain with diamond fire. The sparkles blaze brightest from the drops that cling on the butter yellow petals of my daffodils. I am surrounded by the fresh and new, infinite shades of green, the grass at my feet and the brand new leaves on every tree. Flowers in bed and roadside, pink, white, and blue, all around vivid colors replace the dull tones of grays and browns that have been revealed by the snow’s retreat. The song of the Blue Bird floats upon the breeze scented with the lilacs that bloom across the road.

The day’s glory draws me away from my labors, a few moments must be spared, a walk of leisure, a time immersed within a world so alive, reminds of days past and prepares for days yet to come. Overcome I whistle, a tune that forms within, stirred by the beauty that surrounds, notes clear and loud that mingle with the Blue Bird’s, Redwing’s and Robin’s symphony. I have my place among them. I have my place here in the open country. It feels good to remember the connection; the connection to sparkling raindrops, fresh young leaves, the daffodils, songbirds and the scents of wildflowers. I am connected to the world that surrounds.

In this season of renewal, I find a moment of peace. I know that the world is larger than these few acres that delight my senses. I know my connections broader that the nature that this morning wraps its arms around me. Work awaits, as do bills, and all the people that make up the core of my life. But those connections do not grow weaker by these precious moments, but rather stronger as I spend this time with the reawaking world. I am like the grass, the flowers, the trees, and the birds that sing, revitalized, and prepared to face a new season. Yes, the glory of this spring day fills me with optimism, places a smile on my lips, and lightens my steps. For I am part of this reawakening world, reenergized to do my part and ready to face the unknown changes and challenges that lie before me.

(416 Words) 4–4–2015

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