With the Sun’s Rising

By John W. Vander Velden

Each day, with the sun’s rising, whether the orange orb bursts from the horizon in clear skies or is hidden behind overcast, I am grateful. For I know that each day is a gift, filled with twenty-four unrepeatable hours. Among those hours will be delights and difficulties, because it is life. But I am grateful for both laughter and tears, for the easy and the difficult, for I understand that the contrast is important, that without darkness the candle’s flickering flame would be no more than a small pale light.

With the sun’s rising I consider the day’s possibilities, face the work before me, draw a breath and march forward once again. Too easy to dwell on the negative, to focus on what I might not have, or the wearisome battles which seem to have no end. Too easy to forget the important things, things that are beyond price, love, laughter, or the beauty found in the raindrops that settle on fallen leaves. I take time, just a little out of my insanely hectic life, to look about and thank God for another one…the gift that begins with the sun’s rising.

(190 Words) 11–5–2015