Scotchy the whiskey social app

The Scotchy app I wrote about 5 months ago, as an assessment on mastery of jQuery skills while attending Flatiron Schools online program. A quick summary of the app is as follows. Users can create an account and then like, comment or search for whiskey’s. The whiskey’s are broken down by distiller and region as well. I used jQuery on the front-end to implement AJAX calls to make the app single page. The back end was written in Rails.

Going back an looking at the app there are several areas that need improvement and features I would like to add

  1. Style the app

while this was a great way to learn about material, I have decided to learn Adobe XD to help with the design.

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Add a search feature
  3. Possibly integrate Google’s Map API
  4. Add meta-tags for flavors.
  5. Add fields for Distiller website