We told you so, you fucking fools
Sam Bowman

“Many people’s incomes are the same in real terms as they were ten years ago, which is unprecedented. It was insane to ignore this and not to offer policies that might have boosted investment (chronically low in Britain by international standards) and people’s wages.”

This is the fault of the bankrupt and decadently wasteful “moderate and coherent Osborne brand of social liberalism and fiscal conservatism” that you laud.

You’ve been in charge for the past 7 years and you’re offering nothing but pain and contraction for the masses, and flourishing growth for a tiny minority. Hard Brexit is, frankly, more of the same, though bathed with the hollow glow of the puritanical nationalism of curvy bananas.

Now with a hung parliament thanks to an unprecedented left wing surge you’re descending into farce entering some bizarre agreement with a group with links to terror after you spent the last 8 weeks criticizing Jeremy Corbyn for talking to terrorists, and that seems to be in violation of the Good Friday Agreement.

It was your party that put this vacuous, robotic nutjob in charge of your party. It was your party that presided over the slowest economic recovery since the South Sea Bubble of 1789.

You’re fucked, and you’re going to drag the country down so far that it’s probably going to give Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist hard left a majority at the next election.

You’re fucked. And I’m laughing my ass off.