John, maybe you need to do the fact checking.
Mark Bova

Mark — I know the facts and I certainly hold Obama responsible for somethings. Remember that the budget for the first year Obama was in office was set by the outgoing Congress and Administration, so it is not exactly fair to place that $1.4T on Obama. So that is where he started — not at $458B. The economy was in the frikkin’ tank and going down hard (800,000 lost jobs a month, stock market crashed, housing screwed), and he did part of what was needed to bring us out of the recession. Remember that we got out of the Great Depression with govt spending back in the 30s. In my mind, Obama didn’t do enough. The biggest failings was not to prosecute the Wall street/Bank executives that were so much of the problem. But most of the bailout money was recouped by Washington, sot that’s good.

I don’t know what you mean by the typical spending by the Democrats. I also don’t know where you got your numbers on health care, but the question I ask is how much would it have gone up without the ACA? The economy has been adding jobs, not at a great rate and not always the best paying jobs. You are right that the participation rate went down, but to say that true unemployment went up is not true. All those other things you are mentioning are big issues that neither side has been able to solve and I would argue that the continuation of giving the rich big tax breaks has done nothing for the working class and in fact has hurt it as we see the income divide grow larger and larger. And don’t forget that Obama was obstructed every step of the way by Republicans who talk jobs and replacing ACA but as we see now have nothing.

I’m sure we could debate this forever, and probably not change each other’s mind, so I’ll just say, have a good day and I hope that things don’t go as bad the next 4 years as I fear they will be.

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