Hiding inside the incredible journey

The final paragraph illustrates just how idiotic this post by DHH is:

Isn’t the whole point of cashing a fuck-you sized check that you can finally tell people how it really is? Give it a try next time and let that incredible journey take a rest.

In many cases, when a business is sold, there are requirements for the sellers to use best efforts to assist the purchasers in retaining key employees and customers. Often, the sellers stay on as consultants for a period of time to aid in the transition. Incident to many purchases, whether they are purchases of the business or just the assets, is an anti-disparagement and non-complete clauses. There is often a look back period of 6 months, a year or more where the purchaser can “claw-back” funds (which may be held in escrow).

DHH’s advice here is illustrative of the lack of maturity and thoughtfulness he demonstrates in many of his conference key notes. He’s a person of well-above average intelligence for sure — particularly in the software development arena. In matters of business, particularly where there can be legal consequences — not so much.

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