10 Best Recovery Homes in Phoenix, Arizona

Finding a place to continue your ongoing recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is important. It gives you a place to focus on your own health and wellness and avoid the temptation and stress that often cause relapse. If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, here are the ten best recovery homes in Phoenix to help you stay sober and keep moving forward in your journey.

Sunspire Health Desert Palms

A comfortable, top-quality addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility, Sunspire Health Desert Palms is one of Arizona’s top-rated providers of recovery care.

Sovereign Health Addiction Treatment Programs

Giving patients a multi-approach method for regaining independence and achieving sobriety, Sovereign Health Services offers addiction treatment, mental health services and more.

A Better Today Recovery Services

An excellent choice for treatment and care of a loved one, A Better Today focuses on maintaining family bonds and support while engaging patients in treatment programs. There is no better facility for those who have a family member in crisis.

Fountain Hills Recovery

Beautiful and picturesque in setting, Fountain Hills Recovery boasts multiple facilities, highly-trained staff and some of the top-rated programs in the state of Arizona. See how a combination of natural elements and the latest medical technology are helping patients recover faster and live better, healthier lives moving forward.

Scottsdale Recovery Center

The Scottsdale Recovery Center is another leading facility statewide, offering detox, treatment and rehabilitation, ongoing recovery solutions and education to patients and families about addiction and treatment methods.

Desert Cove Recovery

Treatment options at Desert Cover Recovery include outdoor therapy, twelve-step programs, holistic approaches and much more. Patients will leave the center feeling better about their futures, as well as their health and mental wellbeing.

Center for Balanced Living

The Center for Balanced Living provides therapy, counseling and support for recovering addicts, patients with eating disorders and many other conditions. With targeted programs from everyone from youth to older adults, no one goes without help at this highly-rated facility.

Stepping Stones of Hope

Offering programs for formerly-addicted parents, children who are dealing with issues at home brought on by addiction and youth who are struggling with substance abuse themselves, Stepping Stones of Hope seeks to give all children a safe and healthy start in life.

Continuum Recovery Center

A recovery home in Phoenix offering local residents the chance to get their lives back on track while also enjoying the comforts of home, continuing their working and recreational activities and visiting with family and friends, Continuum Recovery Center offers the best of both worlds for patients in recovery.

Life Care Center of Paradise Valley

Life Care Center of Paradise Valley offers a unique environment of recovery for seniors and older adults. Here, patients who are struggling with the infirmities brought on by old age and those who have suffered significant damage to their bodies because of past substance abuse can live with dignity and comfort in a peaceful setting geared toward active seniors.

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