Samsung faces class action lawsuit from Note7; problems go from bad to worse.

Three plaintiffs, with myself being the lead plaintiff, have filed a class action lawsuit in a New Jersey federal court. We are not suing for compensation for personal or property damage from the at times overheating and even exploding Note7 smartphones.

Instead, we are asking Samsung to compensate us for the time it took them to replace and eventually discontinue the Note7s, which resulted in us having to pay for device and plan charges to cellular operators “for phones we could not safely use.”

Samsung launched a joke of an exchange program for the Note7 on September 2, 2016 and eventually completely withdrew the product on October 10, 2016 after the replacement phones were exploding as well.

We discontinued using our Note7s only to find that Samsung did not have replacement smartphones available. The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, Newark division by users John Waudby, Robert Spuntak and Mohamad Ibrahim seek class action status.

For weeks, we were left without the safe use of smartphones that we purchased, during which period we continued to incur monthly device and plan charges associated with our Note7s.

We are seeking to represent a nationwide class of persons and entities in the U.S. who purchased or leased a Samsung Galaxy Note7, or in the alternative separate state sub-classes of users in Nevada, Pennsylvania and California, the three states of which the plaintiffs are residents.

Our complaint, seeks unspecified damages award from the court, charges that Samsung made “material misstatements and omissions” about the availability of replacement Note7s, and as a result we “were fraudulently induced to continue incurring and paying monthly charges and fees for their Note7s, which we could neither use nor replace.” Samsung has refused to comment on the lawsuit.