Top 5 apps.

Keeping it short today as I’m feeling pretty fragile.

My top 5 apps:

  1. Whatsapp. It’s just a game changer isn’t it although I hate groups.
  2. Slack. Has cut day to day emails by over 50%, amazing for messaging and file sharing.
  3. Yammer. If you have a sales focused company then you need to be on Yammer, celebrate EVERY win.
  4. Splitwise. If you houseshare, go on group holidays or just love organisation…get yourself on Splitwise.
  5. Facebook. I dont class this as a social network anymore, it’s just my portal for watching content (mostly people falling over).
I love this campaign from a few years back. Somersby Cider trolling Apple, so good!

Best sporting team of all time.