How to get a discount through benign neglect

And then, how to do it deliberately

John Wedding
3 min readJul 1, 2024
photo by Ketut Subiyanto

I love beefy discounts. The beefier, the better.

Many discounts require some effort to find, even it’s simply going to a coupon site to look for a code, or installing Honey (affiliate link) to do it for you.

Once in a while, though, one drops in my lap, and I’d like to tell you about it.

I had subscribed to someone’s email list

If you’re an online creator, you can’t help but love your email list. Where social media wants to charge you for extended reach to your followers, and search engines update their algorithms often not in your favor, email is one of the few remaining digital assets that remains mostly in your control.

Still, even though it’s more reliable than most, deliverability (the ability to reach people’s inbox) is key. Part of deliverability is an active subscriber base, filled with people who love your offerings, open your emails, and click on your links.

Good email list hygiene requires regularly getting rid of inactive subscribers. Basic hygiene drops subscribers who haven’t opened any emails for some time. More aggressive hygiene would drop subscribers who don’t click on any links inside.



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