White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

Never heard of Noah or his interviewee. All people are of great value,the most important of all resources and obviously the goal of resource application. Doesn’t mean all are equal in impact.

Some do unusual damage, others provide extra value in all types of good things. Underclass people are a problem and suffer from problems, a large part of which reflect past history and not their own characters and deeds.

Blacks are very much more likely to experience poverty decayed neighborhoods and poor treatment from authority and the rest of society in general.Most of this has to do not with current racism but past racist(and class-based) policies.

I and the other living whites did not cause most of this but we inherited economic and status benefits from it and are responsible for trying to reduce this injustice.

I prefer to focus on people and problem solving while eschewing attempts to generalize from particulars to characterizations of whole populations — especially on such irrelevant characteristics a skin color.

I do see color,its unavoidable in a diverse country with a history where opportunities and decencies historically and to this day balanced by indecencies and disparate treatment based on skin color.

It’s time to address wealth and opportunity discrepancies seriouslly.