There’s nothing wrong with being emotional right now
Sean C. Davis

Comparing the emotions of 9/11 to an election that doesn’t go your way is a complete joke and proves that you are indeed a “special little snowflake” since you do not know the difference, by the way, President Bush still went to work just like many Americans did on 9/12. Grow up and get a backbone, but first you will need to move out of your parents basement, get a job so at least you can curl up in a corner of your room in an apartment you pay for while eating pizza you bought with your own money. Also, the hate crimes after the election go both ways but the over inflated reports by progressives, which some have been proven fake, is only anecdotal evidence at best. Given the proof that liberals pay people to incite violence and bus in protesters to various cities raises doubt that all the pictures of racist signs or graffiti posted on the web could vary well be liberals to create an enemy raise money and to push their cause is a tactic invented by Saul Alinsky and continued by George Soros. A proven liberal fake “hate crime” was the Muslim woman at ULL who admitted to fabricating her story of a Muslim hate crime by a Trump supporter. Another incidents being reported as “crimes” by the dishonest left wing media CNN was an incident where a group of middle school students chanted “Build the wall!” in a cafeteria. That is not a “crime”just juvenile behavior by 12 and 13-year-olds. And one more so-called crime reported by the Clinton News Network was where “somebody chalked the words ‘Trump,’ ‘Build wall’ and ‘@#*& your safe space’ REALLY!!! something written in caulk that is not permanent is a crime???????, obviously it is in a Snowflake Universe where hurting one’s feelings is considered a crime and a need for a safe space so one can “safely” receive counselling for said hurt feelings.

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