“Social Justice Warrior” activism or mental illness? Millennials coping with “Adulting”

The chicken lady is an activist or suffering this illness?

Her friend, turkey boy, is an activist or suffering from the same illness?

Activism or has this disease spread to our college campuses?

What is the cause of this new epidemic? My theory is that these people have been bombarded since childhood by the one sided liberal agenda, either on cable TV, social media or college campus. They hang out on social media sites or coffee shops with liked minded people telling each other how great they are and that their opinions are the only opinions that matters. When they get out into the world and happen to hear an opposing view their brain’s begins to short circuit, causing the emotional outburst and strange behaviors, like mock funerals for frozen turkeys or crying over a lunch of Cordon Blue. With the election not going their way they are not equipped to handle actually losing given that their lives have been filled with participation trophies.

With millennials retreating to their safe spaces filled with counselors, maybe they should just take a class in Adulting to learn how to cope in the real world.