Why does Mexico protest to wall? Just follow the money

When President Bush started the building the wall, Mexico protested. When President Trump vowed to finish the wall, Mexico protested.

In 2014 the GAO reported that Mexico receives approximately $25 billion in remittances with a majority of that coming from Mexicans working in the U.S. making Mexican nationals and illegal aliens one of Mexico’s most lucrative natural resources.


Pew research found that 98% of the remittances received in 2012 were from the U.S.


So how important are immigrants working in the U.S. to the Mexican government? They are important enough for the government to create an agency called Grupo Beta, a Mexican police unit that began operations in Tijuana in 1990 to protect northbound migrants from criminals. They also put out literature that gives the migrants helpful tips on how and where the safest migration points are for entering the U.S. as well as advice on what to do if caught by border agents.

So you can see why Mexico is afraid of President Trump because they know that he is serious about securing the southern border by finishing the wall and has even suggested stopping the remittance of funds from the U.S. to Mexico or at least placing a sizable national transaction fee on those funds which would take millions of dollars from the Mexican economy. When these funds are either stopped or greatly reduced, the recipients of these funds in Mexico will have less disposable income to spend in Mexico which will greatly hurt an economy that is already stagnant.

Another negative factor of a wall that the corrupt Mexican official’s fears is the loss of future payoffs by the drug cartels.

Case in point, the Mexican drug trade — moving drugs from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia — to the US — is estimated to be a $10 billion per year business. The average bribe in Mexico is $1,000 per kilo of cocaine smuggled, according to one estimate, suggesting that $500 million per year is spent bribing Mexican officials. According to US court documents, the Arellano Felix brothers Tijuana-based drug cartel pays off hundreds of Mexican federal and state law enforcement officials for protection in Mexico and travel into the United States almost at will. (Migration News, March 1997)

So Mexico’s outrage against President Trump is fake, it is only a disguise to hide Mexico’s true agenda of protecting their most lucrative national resources, their citizens sending money back home.