Meetings galore or meetings no more? We obviously need meetings to do meaningful work together, but we can definitely do a better job of identifying when we should and shouldn’t have them. That’s right, there are unnecessary times to host a meeting; they’re not always needed.

Unnecessary meetings waste both time and money.

It is not obvious how quickly the cost of ineffective meetings compound. Take a 1-hour meeting with 8 executives or creatives: you aren’t just wasting 1-hour of the company. Squandering those 60 minutes means also wasting the collective total of 8 hours of the people in the room’s time. You take away the potential for other strategies and creative work they could have been doing within that hour. …

Case Study

Our 2-Day Workshop with LUMOS Pharma exploring team members’ strengths for better team collaboration

Lumos Pharma is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing new therapies for people with rare diseases. Its focus is prioritized in areas where the pathophysiology is clear and medical need is highest. Lumos Pharma’s mission and strategy are to deliver safe and effective therapies to patients via time- and cost-efficient drug development.

In light of a recent merger, their human resources team wanted to explore a way to combine the two company cultures and build team unity across departments in the new virtual landscape.

“These sessions really helped us learn quite a bit about ourselves, our co-workers, and who we are as a team…we feel energized, excited, and impassioned about our work.” …

Better Meetings

How playfulness increases creativity and productivity

Many of us have adopted the mantra “work hard, play hard,” as a method to construct our work and social lives around; “the harder I work, the harder I get to play.” While this can be an effective way to find balance in our lives and motivate us to get our work done so we can then enjoy ourselves, it lends itself to only allowing fun when we aren’t at work.

What if you could collaborate with your inner child to bring a playful mindset to work?

We argue that not only can you, but you should.

The Child’s Mind

Let’s take a peak into the child’s mind. The following image is a collection of kid’s homework, and their genius answers to otherwise conventional…


John Fitch

Co-author of Time Off. Let’s be calm together.

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