A Strong Stranger

I never really considered getting a tattoo. I also never judged them — definitely neutral on the topic. Without planning, I met a powerful woman by the name of Maia and received a spirit tattoo.


We discussed spiritual growth within minutes of meeting. I am generally open with strangers, but we initiated our friendship in an extraordinary, uncommon way. Here lies the power of Maia — she has a way of opening up your soul and vulnerability. I told her the details on vast parts of this world that have left an enormous impact on me.

Especially the day I visited The Lotus Temple.

The outside of this structure is one beyond beauty. What happens inside exposed me to something beyond my comprehension during that point in my life. Humans of all religions, castes, and appearances meet at the temple under one purpose — to unite in calm appreciation and meditation. Within my time there, I experienced world peace. In the calm hours inside the temple, it was clear to me that we are connected to everything. I had finally seen past religion and into the fundamental truths of spirituality.

I summarize my epiphany in a beautiful quote:

There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.
Deepak Chopra

It became clear to Maia and I what my tattoo would be. An aerial perspective of the place and mindset that established the core of how I perceive the world.

I now experience this message daily and it is by no means a crutch. This symbol often takes me back to that moment of unity with mankind. Thanks to Maia, my right arm evokes the realization of being all that is around me.

It is incredible how a stranger can leave a mark on you, literally. In today’s reflection, I wanted to express gratitude for meeting you, Maia. With my hand, you would not want me to return the favor with a tattoo!

Instead, let me offer a poem from my heart.

She experiences the world not like many.

In fact, she travels it alone.

Her own spirit, smile, eyes, laughter, and bone.

How did I get to meet you?

This is a reminder that the water was once a stranger to the wind.

But the two eventually met and are now companions without end.

The same goes for anyone and anything.

I hope you can experience a spiritual tattoo with Maia. Her method is an ancient form of dot work. You can see her gorgeous ongoing work here.

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