Nathan Ryan

Curiosity is what will lead our efforts to greatness.

A dashboard with numbers is not special, but if we ask special questions those numbers become echoes of potential.

Data can take on many forms:

  • 40% more
  • 2,311
  • Actually…it is only 2


  • “4 out of 5 of us agree that this is an unnoticed advantage…”

Typical growth-based graphs and their associated questions is dogma. We all want that hypothetical hockey stick — it symbolizes never going back to the hard times.

Instead of patterns and visual cues of success, we should be seeking the random flashes of interesting — the data types that are only born out of the extra step of story finding and telling.

If we are curious enough, we can get to an interesting insight. We must not let the data be merely a numerical value. Rather, we should seek to hold a spotlight fixated on something that was once silent.

Our data stories should start with “We noticed…” statements instead of “How is our…” questions.

It is hard to be on the path if your constantly looking in the mirror.

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