Get things done by making breakfast an award

From Furthermore blog…

I have instilled a simple concept that has allowed me to get more done, form good habits, build momentum for the day, and increase my feelings of accomplishment.

Achieve something important before you award yourself breakfast.

Some of us are hungry when we wake up. The idea of having a delicious breakfast is an initial pleasant thought, so I have used that desire to motivate me to complete something

If I…

  • Do a gratitude journal entry, I will then have an avocado toast with eggs.
  • Knock out a 15-minute stretch and light workout, I will then mix up a superfood smoothie.
  • Write an early draft of my next article, I will go down the street and have an acai bowl.
  • Schedule out the 3 things I want to accomplish today, I will enjoy bullet proof coffee with a paleo breakfast pizza.

Give yourself one major item to accomplish right after waking up. Once you complete it, dig into the breakfast of your choice.

It feels good to eat, but it feels even better to grub with an early feeling of accomplishment.