Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Ha! I write to write, no worries about audience or any other bars to hold me back. Poetry, prose, essays, short/long fiction, etc…jack of all trades master of none. My niche is wherever a particular thread takes me. Topics range from love, life, death, universality and the eternal moment-NOW- I look forward to sharing my work with you and reading all of yours.

I seem to be a much more prolific writer during the spring and summer. I have noticed a direct collaboration between physical activity and mental activity (at least for myself.) During spring and summer I am very active and thoughts/writing flow at a pace I can barely keep up with, then fall and winter come and activity level and writing grind to a halt. That is a goal I have, to be a more consistent writer, with the hopeful result of improved over all writing.

I am thinking about doing a series, for that ONE story I just know I have to write in this lifetime. It is called Destination Dayton, it is about when a friend and I hitchhiked from Jamestown, NY to Dayton, TX. Having started and stopped (once writing over 50K words) on this story, I believe it might work best as a series. I am hoping to start writing that in the next couple of weeks. Until then I will keep posting whatever ends up getting written.

About me the person-

I am 44, happily married, father of three outstanding offspring (14–22 y/o.) I work a job I do not hate or love, I just do, well because, you know…LIFE…it is good and only getting better.

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