Tips to Create Effective App Screenshots for More Downloads

For every app,there should be app screenshots in the app store.Some publishers add screenshots that fail to attract users to download apps.Below are the four tips for the optimization of the app screenshots and to prevent your app from the negative impact.

1. Demonstration of core functions and features of app

Just adding screenshots to the app does not impress users, it should also represent the features and functionalities of your app,so you have to choose appropriate screenshots for the app that should describe features and functionalities of the app clearly. In addition to this, the screenshot should represent your brand in terms of color and other assets.

2. Add descriptions to the screenshots

To be a step ahead, give description to your screenshots that should tell the actual functionality of the app in simple way so that the users can easily understand the app usage, through this you can also make the user more clear about the app.

3. Show customer reviews

Mention the user feedback in the screenshots so that the users can know how exactly the app works, how efficient when compared to other apps and how beneficial to them.

4.Localize your screenshots.

Localization plays a very prominent role in the marketing of the app. If your app is created with many languages, then you can exhibit the app with each screenshot for each language. So that by using all 5 screenshots,you can effectively reach all targeted customers to increase downloads.

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