The Top Five Features Of TaskRabbit Clone

TaskRabbit is a local service marketplace website that helps people to outsource the small jobs and odd tasks in their locality. It’s aiming to help users to find the authentic service professionals to perform the smaller tasks and jobs. The local services included is moving help, cleaning, handyman, delivery services, etc. Today’s techie and smart entrepreneur can hit the spot in the local service marketplace starting own P2P Marketplace Platform using TaskRabbit Clone Script or any peer to peer marketplace software.

This ready-to-use script allows you to launch your very own task marketplace platform in two shakes. TaskRabbit Clone is the most successful business model in the online task marketplace script and requires less revenue to start. Well, there are countless marketplace scripts available on the web so it might be difficult to find Best TaskRabbit Clone. These are the features of the Task Marketplace Script. As a smart entrepreneur, you should expect these features in a task marketplace script to start up your own P2P Marketplace Platform.

5 Foibles of The Best TaskRabbit Clone Script

1. Geo-location based listing

The Geo-location based listing feature enables users to find taskers from in nearby areas. It empowers the clients to discover the experts from the precincts. First, you need to share your current location. Well, implementing this feature in TaskRabbit Clone which will be beneficial for both the service seekers and professional experts.

2. Service ratings and reviews

The ratings and reviews hold a trustworthy part in gaining the trust of the clients. Yes, it plays a major role in getting the trust of customers. In the local service marketplace, the service professionals providing quality services will get excellent ratings and reviews from customers. And this feature will help the users to easily find the expertise and quality professionals. It is also useful for service professionals, as they will improve their services in future tasks.

3. Integrate Google Analytics

Your TaskRabbit Clone should be integrated with Google Analytics that will help you to observe the users’ flow on your site. Yes, Google Analytics makes easy to track your website traffic continuously. This web service is offered by Google to give you customer insights. Click to read more about Google Analytics.

4. Social sign-in and sharing

The best Task Marketplace Script must contain this feature, social sign in and sharing. It allows task providers and taskers to register and share their information easily. You know there are over 90% internet users are available on the social media. Whether it is an e-commerce platform or a local task platform, this feature is very important. It also includes social verification that enables users to find genuine and real-time professionals as it verifies the identification of professionals in social media.

5. Online hassle-free payment system

Sometimes the tasker does not come from the same city, so it might be difficult to pay him/her. The online payment is the best way to get rid of this problem in the most secure way. It should be supported multi-currency, this goes hand in hand with multilingual support. This feature enables users for payment in different currencies as the users seem fit. So, your TaskRabbit Clone Script should provide hassle-free payment system.

Well, not all Marketplace Script will help you to properly launch your own local service platform. Ensure these 5 top features that an excellent TaskRabbit Clone must have before you can safely deploy it for your project. So, what are you thinking now? Hurry up, people! Start your own P2P marketplace platform using TaskRabbit Clone. You should step on the gas as we are waiting for the next local service marketplace.

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