White People: Stop Microvalidating Each Other’s White Fragility & White Fog
stephanie jo kent

This is indeed a very intelligent article, and I find its points compelling. Some of its insights correspond to my own Theory of Active Peace, which postulates five stages of personal advancement in learning to effectively struggle against various forms of oppression.

However, I think the article ignores one pretty important factor. While its arguments are cogent and eminently intellectually understandable, what about people who are just too stupid or depraved to begin to advance or to pull themselves out of and away from the silent complicity with or active encouragement of “inappropriate whiteness”?

For instance, in the political campaign of Donald Trump, I think we are seeing direct evidence of a very large plurality of the American electorate who are, to put it plainly, stupid white people. VERY stupid. And no, this is not just another election year political diatribe … I am asking the reader to ask themselves if I am right … if most of the millions of Trump supporters are (1) too stupid to know any better; (2) slightly smart, enough to recognize that he is surrounded by white people, whom they are conscious make them, as white people, more comfortable than all the “strangers”, races and ethnicities that the Democrats embrace and that Trump has spoken out against; or (3) white bigots who are smart enough to consciously align with white racist dogmas and help organize the Trump campaign into a neo-Nazi or semi-closeted Klan project.

Most of these same people would be too dense or reactionary to appreciate the points in the article, which compounds the problem. Will we soon have to struggle with the question so many Germans and Jews had to answer — how did the land of Goethe, science, high standards of education, and great humanistic philosophers give rise to the Nazis and the Holocaust? Remember, Hitler came to power with only a nominal plurality of Germans supporting him.