What’s the worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
Tom Mitchell

Wow. Good stuff and I imagine, somewhere (in a very high rent district) there is a potential market for that type of tea. The marketing pun potential is endless (“It’ll give you a great buzz!” for example). Getting past those fighting for protection of bees will be your Waterloo I’m afraid.

These are all true and brought me to your article;

I once ate a baby squid from the stomach of a striped bass I’d just caught. As is. Intentionally.

I once (mistakenly) drank someone else’s chewing tobacco spit from a soda can in study hall.

(This one not me but,..) My infant son once confused goose poop for a cheese doodle. I think the perfect shape-match trumped color match for him, briefly.

I think delineating “mistaken” from “intentional” would make the book you should write about this more interesting. Thanks!