Disney shared new information about video games in the Star Wars universe

John Womne
Jul 20, 2017 · 1 min read

During the next exhibition D23 Expo, the American company Disney shared with the press a huge amount of information about its current and future projects. Among other things, something interesting has become known about video games based on the famous space star “Star Wars”. A very unexpected announcement was the teaser of the game for a headset of augmented reality, developed by Lenovo in conjunction with Disney. Thanks to this device, Star Wars fans will be able to feel for the first time as a first-person Jedi.

It is still difficult to say what the new AR-headset is. It is known only that it works in conjunction with a smartphone, shifting to it most of the computing loads. But Disney, it seems, seriously intends to snatch a piece of a new and very promising market. We were shown a short teaser of the game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, where the girl in the headset takes in hand a replica of the light sword and starts the game. Most likely, the player will see in his hands a real sword from the films and fend off them from all sorts of enemies, shots from blasters and other things. But for now it is quite difficult to imagine all this.

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