main reason i dont like iota is that its a premine.
Jonald Fyookball

Fair enough. It had a premine. Past tense. They tried to do an equitable distribution. They retained a relatively small amount for the foundation, only 5%, which seems reasonable. Compared to the ETH pre-mine, IOTA was quite democratic. I didn’t buy into ETH because it was pre-mined, and I missed out on becoming a multi-millionaire because I was stubborn. I’m trying to not make that same mistake twice.

IOTA has been trading on exchanges for a while now, in fact a lot of IOTA has exchanged hands by now, and it’s already gone through a couple of bubble phases. It’s still ‘cheap’ today, meaning very early.

It’s not like I’m converting all of my bitcoin into IOTA or anything, but it is certainly something to look out for. It’s wildly different than every single other alt-coin and that’s why I find it interesting.

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