Your Career decides Disease or Ease

Career focused, career eccentric and etc, what other names you call yourself for being so carrier-oriented? Oh, I just said another term for it! Indulging in “good career” is good, but being healthy through your career is equally important. After all you are working to live happy and void the incompleteness. Let me unveil a story of my friend’s roommate in India, who was working in a reputed IT firm, his hard work took him to heights and it prompted him to invest more time, effort and energies. Little did he know that he was getting stressed and eventually getting reluctant with his undesired and craggy job. He continued to drain off his energies, one fine morning his heart stopped to bear anymore! Hypertension, cardiac arrest, diabetes, migraine; all these disease are been sourced because of bad utilization of energies.

We surrender ourselves to work that stops giving enthusiasm after sometime; and we turn to be the victim of forceful diseases which can be naturally removed by the vibes. Look for job that gives happiness…longer happiness; and escalate vibes (positive vibes) when you perform it rather draining it out.

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