Rule By Sleight of Hand
M.G. Siegler

The key takeaway from these elections is that facts do not matter, they never did in politics, and now with Trump, who is somehow hitting the right public nerve, they matter less than ever.

I would really suggest you to read Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) views on this situation, for me it is the sanest and most logical (if we can say that anything is logical these days) voice out there.

It’s a game of emotions and persuasion, you have to throw your reasoning through the window, and then you might start seeing the bigger picture here.

I also believe that most of people in California do live in a bubble. I’ve been there few times and I follow a lot of tech people on Twitter. The level of shock in my Twitter stream is staggering, while the signs that Trump is gaining momentum were all over the place, but somehow you guys totally missed it.

Even here in Europe we had several top political analyzers who predicted Trump’s victory a year ago. Sometimes a distance does help to get things more clear.

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