Turn your big idea into an interactive app — no coding experience necessary!

Every time I post an interaction video, people ask me two questions.

How can you quickly create interactions?

What software do you use?

I hope this class will answer all your questions and make your big idea into an interactive app.

In this hour-long class, I design a simple diet and fitness app, walking you through my step-by-step approach to creating interactions that convey personality and emotion in a way static design simply can’t. Follow along to prototype your own app using simple digital tools, or download my project files to get started right away!

Key lessons cover:

  • Understanding the design decisions behind…

How can we make the app easier and more enjoyable?

Diet app onboarding

Before making a suggestion, every diet app should question the user many questions, mostly forms. I have attempted to collect data interactively.

Today, the phone is used to do many things, instead of call and talk to friends lol. It thus opened a door to Mobile app designers. Ten years ago, we didn’t even have an iPhone and thought Nokia was the future, so at the moment industrial designers were in demand. 20 years ago, there was a landline, and people thought we should create these fantastic dials, Mechanical engineers are in demand.

So I began to question myself when this era of mobile app designers would end.???

Therefore I advised myself these tips and wanted to share them with you.

Just have a title as Designer

Don’t chase to become a UI / UX designer, product designer, now everyone’s is like I’m…

How can we make the app more enjoyable and easy?

Credits: oppo app

Saloon/Hairstylist booking app

A poor day and you just need a fast relaxation session? Use the app to discover, explore, book, and handle beauty salons, spa, and fitness events — free of charge and immediately — anytime and anywhere.

Booking multiple people at the same time
Invite friends

Credits: @名名

How could we make the finance app more fun and exciting?

Note: I make all designs, not a collection of other designs.

Sending money

Exploring methods to send cash from a bank.

Credits: Punkxie

Exploring solutions to common book-reading problems. — Johnyvino

Note: I have concentrated on communicating the idea rather than making the app look lovely. However, it feels all right haha :)

Focused book reading experience.

This could be really cool for kids learning to speed read. My parents paid for this reading workshop when I was younger where we pretty much learned to do this with an index card.

I made this specifically for kids with ADD-ADHD


Regular t-shirt with additional sleeves, enough to keep all essential items of tech individuals.


CAJOLE: make wishes happen for kids.

Advisor: Daniel Goddemeyer Team-mate: Addi Hou

What we did: Research, synthesis, wireframes, prototype ideation/concept/flows, illustrations, UX/UI.

Launch: cajole.launchaco.com


The future Artificial Intelligence must be a force for good in the globe (cancer diagnosis, knowledge of climate change, etc.), and AI could have the same ability to cause damage. Without regulation and supervision, the latest technology will be misused in countless cases.


How can we play the proponent of the devil and conceptualize an app that uses AI in unethical ways?

As conscientious designers, we are constantly attempting to help people, not harm them. How can we play the proponent of…

As Artificial Intelligence(AI) snowballs, we don’t even see that it’s a component of daily life, could you believe you get a personalized gmail smart reply, Instagram stories, Google Predictive Searches, it’s all a little bit AI?

We live in an age in which designers must consciously and responsibly build products. Because everything we create now will change the history of the next 1000 years.

We create consumer apps, but at the same time, we also consume other consumer apps. Whenever you design something that your boss asks to do like,

  • Collection of the credit card information
  • Misleading popup advertisement
  • Getting…

Johny Vino

Specialized in humanizing User Experience. www.johnyvino.com. Building: interactions.johnyvino.com | skl.sh/johny

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