Spend your time on product thinking, not on resizing and masking.

Mockup creator for UX/Product designers

Ideas are just the beginning of the design journey. They have to be shared with the world in order to get feedback and be improved. That’s why we are building Cleanmock, a tool that will help you to share your ideas and to work clearly, confidently and quickly.

Cleanmock will help you to spend your energy on what matters — your concepts and ideas.

Current Situation:

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Cleanmock — Mockup creator for UX/Product designers

This tool is not for making marketing screenshots or promoting your designs, so we won’t make fancy creative changes to your work.

Cleanmock just focuses on showcasing your ideas clearly.

Cleanmock will help you spend time on what’s important when you’re

  • Making your portfolio
  • Making a keynote presentation
  • Sharing your early ideas in Dribbble, Behance, Instagram

№1. Help you move forward

We are grateful to have so many mockups today.

But psychologically, if we have so many options, it will proportionally increase the time for us to make a decision.

That eventually leads to us spending the whole day trying to find the right mockups. Cleanmock will help you to create a simple clear presentation so you can share your early ideas and designs with confidence.

№2. Saving Time

Spend time creating your ideas and let technology to do the monotonous work.

With two clicks, you can have your designs automatically mocked up and ready to use.

Dev beta build — not polished yet! 😊

№3. Smart

Drag & drop any resolution and Cleanmock will pick up the right device mockup for you while suggesting different layouts. Capture your ideas early and share them with the world.

№4. Distraction free Mockup

The function of the Mockup is to amplify your ideas rather than creating distracting noise or fancy perspective look

Join a Community

This is a tool built for us, by us.

I am blown away by the amazing community support so far. 2500+ people have subscribed to the list already and we’ve based all of our decisions on what the community needs.

Cleanmock is in beta right now, we are planning to release this month.

We (Myself and Tekeste Kidanu) would love to hear your feedback on how we can make it even better for you. Leave your comments. You can also email me

Big thanks to Corey Waldin for helping me proofreading it. ❤️

Have a nice day ✌️