Miracles Happened, Are Happening, And Much More!

From the excerpt of the last article; The Heartfelt Moments: Both The Sad And The Happy times.

Miracles happened, are happening, and much more. There's this song "Count your blessings, name them one by one", should I shock you?

Your blessings and miracles are uncountable! Do you know why? Let me tell you. Remember that day you were trying to cross that road, you got confused and almost got hit? Remember when your son or daughter went on an errand and came home late but Hale and hearty and you probably vowed not to send them again? Lol, what of when you left your gas cylinder on and left for work but you're still alive to read this? How about when you traveled from one place to another and got there safely?

You could only share those that you know about, those testimonies, those miracles, those blessings, what about those that you do not know and WILL NEVER know?!!! Those arrows that got shot at you when you were asleep and resting from the day’s work? Those times you fell ill for weeks or maybe months and the doctor said they had no clue of what was wrong with you? Or how we play with "FIRE" but God overlooks?

I did not keep the record of the date or month but I’m certain about the year. I was still in Junior high and was even preparing to go to school for tests that day. I had studied days before because of my Fear of failure. I got dressed already in my school uniform and my beautiful blue beret as early as possible and was playing with my binoculars (that later got broken in class months later). Then, as usual, I was supposed to feed the catfishes at the back of the house as I have been doing. Took hold of the feed and went to the back, on getting there. I was just about to take a step when I FELL into a soakaway and I screamed so loud they heard inside the house. Alarming right? Everything happened within a few minutes. Well, let me tell you, I found myself in front of the house just immediately after falling, without any scratch at all. My aunt and uncle came out scared wondering what had happened. Asking me all sorts of questions I could not answer, like, what happened? Why the scream? I had to explain in words that I could use and it was unbelievable. I did my tests that day though and passed later. My mom did not stop sharing that testimony till today!!!

Would you count how many times you have asked God to do something and he answered you? And even the prayers that you did not mention, he answered without needing accolades. As I wrote this article, I was leaving church when a church member offered us a lift home since we were going the same way. We got in, mom and she got talking, then her phone rang and she answered, suddenly she screamed after she got the information. Actually, she took advantage of the ongoing 21 days of fasting and prayer. She has been praying for her cousin who was left alone with a 6-year-old child by her husband. He just decided to leave, I do not know the full story but she(church member) kept screaming and gripping the steering wheel, saying all sorts of things like "baba God, chop kiss", "you are scattering my brain", "you too much". She was told that as her cousin went out and returned from town, she met her husband at home. As I write to you, you’re seeing this even before she will be giving the testimony in church tomorrow.

I remember a time when we lived in our old apartment far from here. We were still very young then, Dad got back from one of his trips and settled at home to see his family and rest from the whole TRIP saga. It was late at night as both my parents were trying to get some sleep. The devil raised its ugly head again but Duhhh! My dad got bitten by a snake that eventually disappeared into the ground. He got beaten by a snake, yes, you read that right. As mom staggered to take him into the car, myself and my siblings, the three of us, the little US were soundly asleep just there while Dad was battling for his life! They drove all the way to our Family house at Danjuma Ondo road while Mom sought God in prayers. Well, the rest is history, my dad is still alive. It was a miracle, yeah!

How many times have you thanked God for what he did, has done, that you do not know and what he will still do? There was another time a snake almost bit my little brother, Precious, when he was still very much a baby. Yeah, he’s still with us till today.

One time when he was still young, I was indoors seeing a movie while Mom was doing the laundry outside the house. Little, innocent him, he was in the shorecloth, and as young as I was too, I wanted to prove big sister, I carried him and was playing with him then I set out with him in my arms to see Mom outside. I slipped and fell with him in my arms and he hit his head, but ...you know the rest of the story already, my sister and I still recently refer to that incident and whine about how his head got hit and shifted anticlockwise which is a joke by the way. A lot happened, there was a time we got raided by thieves with guns too, locked some of us in the "Convenience" but God still showed himself.

Miracles, a million little miracles, or a thousand big miracles. Only God can give that to you, however, you would agree with me that a lot of People seek miracles at the hands of wrong people, and most of them, in some way, get stuck and confused along the line. You see them doing all manner of things that the scriptures do not support but have you ever paused to even say "God, I thank you". Not that you witnessed anything but just say "Thank you, Lord"?!

Majority of us love the scripture "Matthew 7:7-8" so much that we forget our place of gratitude? Do you know that the same sun shines on both the good and the bad? Do you also know that the same rain that falls, wets the crops of both the witches and the good people? Well, you should think things through again and again.

Bottom Line

The natural laws of nature or even science cannot explain any of the aforementioned! Just say "Thank you Lord", and know this, as much as you’d keep asking him and he will keep doing, it is not your "thank you" that makes him do more but that is who he IS!!!

Learn to thank God more, and I also greatly recommend this song, Million Little Miracles by Maverick City ft Elevation Worship!

All mentioned above are true-life stories! Thank you for reading this far.

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