Introducing ‘June,’ a Short Film Inspired by the Lyft Community

The day we launched Lyft, we took a big bet on the power of community. Strangers riding together in their personal cars was a radical idea, and to challenge the status quo, we didn’t just need a new technology — we needed people to embrace the idea of being there for each other. The morning we went live in San Francisco, an unusually clear day in June, I held my breath and wondered how people would react.

Hundreds of millions of rides later, you’ve proven that Lyft can be a vehicle to not only improve transportation, but also to improve people’s lives.

Real People, Real Stories

The kindness we see from drivers and passengers every day reminds us that each ride has the opportunity to make somebody’s day better, and that behind each ride is a story. Today, as a tribute to the Lyft community, we’re excited to share a story of our own — and we’ve partnered with an award-winning team to help tell it.

Drivers on the Big Screen

We’re lucky to have an incredible team of creatives at Lyft, including Ricardo Viramontes, who joined us last year. Ric, like many HQers, spent his first few weeks interacting closely with our community. One of his stops was South Chicago, an area underserved by traditional transportation. The drivers and passengers he met inspired him to team up with director John Kahrs to write a story.

The result is an animated short film, June, featuring a cast of characters based on real-life drivers. And we’re pretty excited to share it with you today. Watch now →

Directed by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs (Paperman)
Music by Emmy Award-Winning composer Christophe Beck (Frozen)
Featuring an original song by Lyft driver-turned-recording artist Sir the Baptist, who launched his music career after a connection with a Lyft passenger

Driver Appreciation

To thank the people driving this movement, we’re debuting June as part of Lyft’s first Driver Appreciation Day, and matching tips on Dec. 14* for drivers nationwide.

(As a company that values community, we feel a deep responsibility to build the service with features that people want, including optional and cashless tipping directly in the app. Compliments are priceless, but we hear passengers sometimes like to leave a little something extra.)

In select cities we’ll also be honoring local drivers with awards and inviting the Chicago and LA communities to pink-carpet premieres of June.

Why This Matters Now

As we look to 2017 and our next chapter of growth, Lyft will serve a larger and more diverse community than ever. We’re committed to measuring Lyft’s success not only by the numbers, but also in terms of our positive impact on humanity.

We don’t take for granted the pioneers who helped make Lyft mainstream, and we’re excited to continue saying thanks every day of the year. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this community, it’s that everyone benefits from a little more kindness and human connection.

Maximum $5 match amount per tip, and maximum total Lyft tip match of $20 per driver during the 24 hour period.