Adam Ruins Everything Responds to the Verge
Adam Ruins Everything

I think maybe the most important argument, which has not been mentioned- is that purchasing an electric car now, is funding a new emerging industry.

Don’d delay buying a new EV car because its greener to not have that one car produced. Buy it because it suppots a nacient technology and an industry that relies on consumers to be rightious when regulation is not.

The more electric cars sold, the more R&D resources will be spent on essential technology nessecary for mass adoption and production of EVs.

While it may be correct that in some places, the net emmisions of electric cars rival ICEs- that doesnt diminish the fact that you move all the emisions away from cities, limiting smog and making life healthier for everyone.

And for those few places, your car will be ready for that day energy production becomes cleaner- which I have a feeling will be sooner than most people think.